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Acupressure for Restless Leg Syndrome
Published By Debra Mundell on 2011-04-14 1743 Views

Acupressure treatments can relieve the symptoms of restless leg syndrome and acupressure can be self administered and done while lying in bed. Acupressure is good for restless leg syndrome because it is relaxing and detoxifying and it increases circulation. Restless leg syndrome is a movement disorder that is characterized by odd sensations in the legs and a desire to move the legs. The sensations may be like irritation, tiredness, heat, tingling or other sensations. Leg twitching and spasms may also occur.

Restless leg syndrome or RLS happens more when people are in a seated position or lying in bed. RLS symptoms occur more at night or when people are inactive or sitting for hours. Restless leg syndrome is associated with oxygen metabolism. Restless leg syndrome may be associated with stress, anxiety or fatigue. RLS also may be affiliated with smoking, caffeine or alcohol use. Obese or overweight people are more likely to have RLS symptoms. The condition may be associated with a potassium, magnesium or iron deficiency. People with RLS are instructed to reduce smoking, caffeine and alcohol. Stress, caffeine, alcohol and tobacco are considered causative factors in restless leg syndrome.

Since muscle tension may be a factor in RLS, people that have it should try to massage, stretch and relax their muscles. People with RLS should also practice stress relief. People that have restless leg syndrome should have moderate exercise. Since fatigue may be a factor, they need to get adequate rest. They should get up and walk or exercise during the day and stretch and relax their muscles in the evening.

Acupressure is a natural therapy modality. Acupressure increases the circulation and brings oxygenated blood to the tissues. Acupressure treatments can help to relax the muscles and improve the circulation. Acupressure treatments will help to release tension and relieve stress. The massage treatments also help to refresh the tissues and restore health.

Wearing acupressure shoes will also help to relax the muscles and alleviate the symptoms.

Breathing slowly and deeply will help to increase the oxygen supply. These hand acupressure exercises will also help by increasing the assimilation of oxygen. Perform the exercises while breathing slowly and deeply. Hold the right thumb with the left hand for two minutes. Then hold the right little finger with the left hand. Continue the exercise by holding the left thumb with the right hand and then the left little finger with the right hand.

Massage the hands, ears, head, neck and shoulders. Massaging the legs and pressing acupressure points can relieve the sensations of restless leg syndrome, relax the muscles and improve oxygen supply. Press and massage the area in front of the ankle on the inside of the leg to alleviate RLS. Massaging these acupressure points will help to relieve RLS: B 40, CV 26, GB 20, GB 21, GV 20, K 3, LU 7, LV 2, LV 3, SP 6, SP 12 and ST 36.

Press and massage the areas for a minute or more. The B 40 points are behind the knee in the center. The CV 26 point is in the center of the space between the nose and upper lip. The GB 20 point is at the base of the skull between the two muscles there. The GB 21 points are at the middle of the shoulders. If you imagine a line from the top of the ear lobes to the top of the head the GV 20 point is on the top of the head there.

The K 3 points are a finger width behind the ankle. The LU 7 points are located two finger widths from the wrist crease below the thumb on the inner arm. LV 2 is on the foot one finger width from the web between the first and second toe. LV 3 is two finger widths from the web between the first and second toe. The SP 6 points are four finger widths above the ankle on the inside of the leg. The SP 12 points are in the center of the crease between the leg and the pelvis. The ST 36 points are four finger widths below the kneecap and one finger width to the outer side of the shinbone.


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